Play a real-life adventure game
through the city.

Gather your geeky friends, find hidden clues and immerse yourself in a captivating story filled with clever puzzles.


Solve satisfying, story driven puzzles.

Whether you are breaking a secret cipher or piecing together a treasure map, the satisfaction when everything clicks into place is unparalleled.

Feature: Puzzles

Explore beautiful places throughout Cluj.

Feel the rush of hunting for hidden clues that take you to secret locations around the city.

Feature: Places

Dive into a world of excitement and mystery.

Be part of a captivating story and experience one of the most immersive forms of entertainment.

Feature: Immersive
Feature: Money Back Guarantee

Safe Purchase

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

We believe we can offer you a great experience. If you are not pleased, you get a full refund. No questions asked.

Feature: Photos

Group Photos

A token of your team’s memorable experience.

Remember the fun, exciting and hilarious moments you spend with your friends and loved ones.

Feature: Tests

Extensive Playtests

No more frustrating puzzles.

Playtesters solve each challenge and test the whole adventure. We then fix broken puzzles and test everything again.

Feature: Photos

Variable Difficulty

An enjoyable experience for everyone in the team.

We adjust the puzzle difficulty based on game familiarity, team size or personal preference.

What Our Clients Say

Begin Quotes

Awesome experience in Cluj, worth trying if you’re into room escapes or treasure hunts or just in the mood to challenge your adventurous self. Highly recommended.

Andrada Devreșteanu
Begin Quotes

it was very fun! its perfect to have a nice walk through the city with friends! you will need to know a little about the city so you can solve the puzzles but its a lot of fun 😄 would recommend!

Anna Quast
Begin Quotes

Ingenious puzzles, captivating story, memorable landmarks - Cluj Hunt has it all.
Embark on this journey and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Horațiu Udrea
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Our Partners

The Guild Hall - Logo

We really enjoy a good mystery or adventure so, naturally, we love board games.

The Guild Hall is a lovely place in the center of Cluj-Napoca, with warm, helpful people. We had a lot of fun playing board games there, but there is also a coworking space and regular events are organized throughout the week.

How it works

1. Book and purchase your adventure

Step 1: Book

Continue the booking process on this site to choose a date and hour which suits you and your team.

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2. Receive first clue at starting location

Step 2: Location

When the day comes, meet one of our team members at the starting location of the adventure to receive your first clue.

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3. Enjoy 2 hours of mystery and fun

Step 3: Enjoy

Enjoy your adventure by finding clues throughout the city and solving the puzzles with your teammates.


Book your adventure now.

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*Price covers a team of up to 4 people


Custom Adventure





Book your adventure for more than two hours of fun and mystery through Cluj.

  • Clever puzzles that thrill your brain
  • Immersive story, mysteries to solve
  • Beautiful places to explore in Cluj
  • Have fun and team up with friends